• Tran Huu Ai Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Thi Le Minh Nguyen Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City
Keywords: Local marketing, development strategy, Ben Tre province, Vietnam


Local marketing is becoming an important factor in the development strategy of each industry, each locality, and each country. The official survey was conducted with 302 survey samples from managers, deputy directors, deputy department heads, department heads upward at local tourism businesses of Ben Tre province. This paper presents a study of the local marketing situation, thereby identifying the factors affecting the local marketing situation in order to provide some suggestions for local marketing strategies for tourism development in Ben Tre province


Author Biographies

Tran Huu Ai, Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City

PhD, lecturer of Faculty of Economics, Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Research interests – markets of agricultural products, SMEs functioning and government support, organic food markets, ecological economics, environmental issues of economic development and corporate social responsibility 

Published more than 50 papers in International journals, member of editorial board of International journals 

Thi Le Minh Nguyen, Van Hien University, Ho Chi Minh City

MBA, Lecturer of Faculty of Economics, Van Hien University,Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Research interests: SMEs functioning and government support, consumer behavior, innovative products markets and finances. Published more than 20 papers in International journals


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How to Cite
Ai, T. H., & Nguyen, T. L. (2018). EMPLOYING LOCAL MARKETING IN TOURISM DEVELOPMENT AT BEN TRE PROVINCE. The EUrASEANs: Journal on Global Socio-Economic Dynamics, (5(12), 74-83. https://doi.org/10.35678/2539-5645.5(12).2018.74-83

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