• Lyudmila Nikolova Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint – Petersburg


From the standpoint of enterprises, searching for the minimum-risk methods and ways of organizing settlements in foreign trade is always a topical problem. The research study identifies the problems of trade finance in the Russian Federation (RF) after the sanctions have been imposed. The key features of trade finance management are formulated. The influence of economic sanctions on trade financing mechanisms is analyzed. Some mechanisms are considered for using a documentary letter of credit, one of the most popular trade financial instruments in international settlements today. Measures for eliminating the factors restraining the growing use of trade finance instruments and the possibility of their implementation under the conditions of current economic sanctions are grounded. System analysis methods and techniques, analogy methods, expert assessments and projection methods are used as part of this research study.


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Author Biography

Lyudmila Nikolova, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint – Petersburg

Doctor of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor, the Institute of Industrial Management, Economics and Trade, Peter The Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, Saint–Petersburg, Russia

Research interests: innovation and investment management, financial management, financing and management of international investment programs, economics of organizations and management of enterprises and industries, accounting, economic analysis, business performance evaluation


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