• Denis Ushakov Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok
Keywords: information technologies; technologization; informatization; communication technologies; virtualization


Throughout the 1990s the Internet from being a highly specialized military network has emerged to become a global network, thus, information society has become a real thing, not some abstract notion. Today the process of informatization penetrates all fields of human activity and its dynamics is only growing. Therefore, informatization processes and current economic trends today are in some sort of complex, mutually predetermined relations. This concerns, first of all, the globalization of the world economy and the transnationalization of production processes, including the transformation of global distribution system. Informatization of the economy has changed and is changing not only the conditions of economic institutes’ functioning, but also their content and structure. These changes, already occurred and occurring today are the central object for our research here. The article studies the role of information technologies in today’s production. Cyberspace in this regard is considered here as the living environment for contemporary entrepreneurship. Mechanisms of its commercialization are analyzed along with the potential prospects of such commercialization.

Author Biography

Denis Ushakov, Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok

Doctor of economy (macroeconomic) from Russia’ Academy of entrepreneurship, Moscow, Russia (since 2009), academic title of Professor (Russia) and Assistant Professor (Thailand).

Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University, Bangkok.

Member of Russian Academy of Natural Science, International Association of organizational innovations. His scientific interests include economy of tourism: theory of tourism market's function, modern trends of development, corporative management; multinational corporation in service's production: organization, strategic management, global competitive resources; government regulation of the service's market; innovative modernization in economical Government's regulation, production's organization. He published more than 60 research papers in federal Russian scientific magazines; 55 research papers in International journals; participated in 42 scientific conferences; prepared 10 training manuals for students of the service professions.

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