• Irina Onyusheva Stamford International University, Bangkok
  • Lalita Thammashote Stamford International University, Bangkok
  • Jatuporn Thongaim Stamford International University, Bangkok
Keywords: globalization; urban business environment; urban culture; multiculture; cultural diversity, cross-cultural management


Paper considers in detail the issue of multicultural urban business environment in the context of managing cross-cultural problems within globalization. When people try to accept and respect different cultures, they will gain new opportunities and experiences. One of the most effective tools is tolerant communication leading to understanding and acceptance of cultural diversity. In this research, we study the contemporary concept of urban business environment as a set of external and internal factors influencing business development in the framework of urban infrastructure. The authors provide their own definition of the concept of globalization and also describe the key global trends, including globalization of human capital under the conditions of demographic and cultural diversity. The work is also aimed to detect how multiculture affects urban business environment in part of finding managerial solutions and countermeasures to overcome the major cross-cultural challenges.


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Author Biographies

Irina Onyusheva, Stamford International University, Bangkok

is a professor-researcher of Turan University, Almaty, Kazakhstan, as well as postgraduate professor and research fellow of Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand. She has earned PhD in Economics from the University of International Business (Аlmaty, Kazakhstan) in conjunction with George Washington University (Washington, DC, USA) and City University London (London, United Kingdom). She is also Professor of the Regional Academy of Management (Republic of Kazakhstan), Professor of the Multidisciplinary Russian Academy of Natural History (Moscow, Russia), Corresponding Member of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan (APSK), Academician of the International Informatization Academy

Lalita Thammashote, Stamford International University, Bangkok

has earned the academic degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand. She specializes in the fields of marketing, management, and particularly in cross-cultural management

Jatuporn Thongaim, Stamford International University, Bangkok

has earned the academic degree of Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand. She specializes in marketing, management and business globalization


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