• Irina Onyusheva Stamford International University, Bangkok
  • Tenzin Thoesam Stamford International University, Bangkok
  • Ann S. Baker Stamford International University, Bangkok
Keywords: COVID-19, WHO, global economic impact, Thailand, ASEAN


This paper is dedicated to one of the most urgent topics nowadays – COVID-19 – and how this virus has affected the international business environment. More specifically, we have studied the impact of COVID-19 on the economy of Thailand and the ASEAN community as well as on the global economy as a whole. In this research we analyze the early stage of this virus spreading in the region on the basis of statistical data obtained from the respected information databases. The Covid-19 pandemic is a stark reminder of the ongoing challenge of emerging and reemerging infectious pathogens. It calls for constant surveillance, prompt diagnostics, and robust research to understand the biology of new organisms and our susceptibilities to them. As practice shows, it takes months and even years until we fully grasp the whole picture of the disease and the global damages it has caused.


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Author Biographies

Irina Onyusheva, Stamford International University, Bangkok

PhD, Prof. Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand.

Research interests: strategic management; ensuring economic competitiveness on micro- and macro- levels; human capital development; HR management; knowledge economy; project management; management in education.

Tenzin Thoesam, Stamford International University, Bangkok

MBA, Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand

Research interests: international business management, strategic management, change management

Ann S. Baker, Stamford International University, Bangkok

MBA, Stamford International University, Bangkok, Thailand

Research interests: international business management, strategic management, risk management.


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