• Bilal Jibai Lebanese International University, Lebanon
Keywords: corporate governance, financial performance, bank’s Board, Lebanese banking sector


The aim of this research is to study the impact of corporate governance disclosure on the financial performance of Lebanese banks. The impacts of corporate governance consequences on financial performance are the problem being faced by many firms. This research applies a quantitative methodology to the data from 29 banks’ annual reports for the year 2018. This data was analyzed using regression analysis means. This empirical study intends to find substantial evidence which would help acquire new knowledge and better understanding of how virtuous corporate governance practices and disclosures may help improve banks’ performance. In particular, validation of our research hypotheses may help with assessing the importance of corporate governance disclosure for the financial performance of Lebanese banks. The research proves there is a direct relationship between diversity on board and financial performance, as well as, between frequency of Board meetings and financial performance.



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Author Biography

Bilal Jibai, Lebanese International University, Lebanon

Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Assistant Dean- School of Business, Lebanese International University, Lebanon

Research interests: financial market, banking, bank marketing, customer behavior


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