• Galina Smolnikova South Russia Institute of Management, Russia Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration, Rostov-on-Don
Keywords: innovation, innovative activity, innovation potential, agriculture, agroindustrial complex


The article explores the issues of innovation in the area of agriculture of the Russian Federation. The specifics of the industry and the importance of innovations in this area for the state and the involved enterprises are determined. In addition to studying theoretical aspects, special attention is paid to the analysis of the recent statistics related to the current state of this industry: on enterprises introducing innovations, the volume of innovative products, the amount of innovation costs of organizations, etc. The key difficulties and trends in the area of innovation in the agroindustrial complex of the country are also identified. As a result of this study, a conclusion is formulated concerning the effectiveness of the implementation of the innovative component in the production, organizational and other areas of enterprise activities along with some recommendations developed to strengthen the innovative development of enterprises in the sector in question.


Author Biography

Galina Smolnikova, South Russia Institute of Management, Russia Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration, Rostov-on-Don

Graduate student, South Russia Institute of Management, Russia Presidential Academy of National Economics and Public Administration (URIU RANEPA), Rostov-on-Don, Russia

Research interests: economic analysis; economics of innovation; agricultural economy.


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