• Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani IQRA University, Karachi
  • Amber Osman IQRA University, Karachi
  • Muhammad Nayaz IQRA University, Karachi
Keywords: higher education commission (HEC) Pakistan, Research culture at universities in Pakistan, HEC research policy


This research focuses on to examining the HEC role in promoting research culture in education institutions/ universities of Pakistan. For investigating the proposition questionnaire based survey were conducted for collecting the data from the sample of 1000 respondents from the 10 public and 10 private sector universities of Pakistan. Findings of this paper confirmed that higher education commission (HEC) Pakistan has paved the way to induct the quality of higher education for the last few years in the region along with promoting the research culture in the universities of Pakistan. For the promoting the research in the region HEC gives incentives, acquires foreign faculty, grants research scholarship to the universities.


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Author Biographies

Muhammad Imtiaz Subhani, IQRA University, Karachi

PhD, professor, Director ORIC, Sir Syed University of Engineering & Technology- Pakistan, Advisor Member at HEC for Consultative Group Publishing- Pakistan, Advisor at Mendeley-USA.

Won Thomson Reuters Vision Award (3rd Place) as an Editor of Scientific Publication (SAJMS) in 20015 in Lisbon, Portugal. Ranked as Top 1 Author in Pakistan for 2011 by ISI Thomson Reuters on the basis of Highest nos. Research Publications. 

Ranked 22nd among the top 100 Youngest Economist of the World as per the joint ranking by RePEc and IDEAS. Prolific author of more than 84 Research Publications and 2 books.

Amber Osman, IQRA University, Karachi

Senior Manager Research Development at Office of Research, Innovation & Commercialization in IQRA University, Karachi, Pakistan.

Science interests include:  behavioural economics, business administration, problems of education markets, marketing strategy and effective sales, HRM in the era of labor intellectualization

Muhammad Nayaz, IQRA University, Karachi

Faculty member at Business School of IQRA University.

He is also a research supervisor at Business School of IQRA University, Pakistan

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Subhani, M. I., Osman, A., & Nayaz, M. (2017). ROLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION COMMISSION (HEC) IN PROMOTING RESEARCH OUTPUT IN PAKISTAN. The EUrASEANs: Journal on Global Socio-Economic Dynamics, (3(4), 93-100.