• Nina Trubnikova Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow
Keywords: Advertising, Media, Communications, Promotion, Crisis


This research aims to actualize the system of advertising market indicators in today's Russia. The author shows that traditional indicators of this sphere's development during relatively stable economic periods are dramatically changed in crisis conditions. Moreover, the tendencies of globalization, integration and concentration in advertising are highly specific due to the revolutionary, development of this sphere in Russia. Another serious factor pointed out in the research is the large-scale restructuring of the communications, replacing the classical mass media by media-digital formats.


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Author Biography

Nina Trubnikova, Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow

Candidate of science (philosophy), head of department of advertisement and business communications in Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow, Russia.

Research fields: digitization of advertising markets, efficiency of advertising, advertisers’’ decisions, business communications, development of ads markets, communicative techniques in promotion, efficiency of ads campaigns.

Published more than 20 papers ion international journals, partially works as invited expert in Russia Association of Advertisement, creates and tests new methods for Russia advertisement market evaluation.


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