• Nina Trubnikova Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow
Keywords: digital technologies, content, new media, communications management, creativity, advertising, public relations


Content is an essential constituent of any marketing product, instrumental in attracting the audience attention. The present work is an attemption to study the significant problem the modern mass media faced: completely erased boundaries of generating and accessing content. Author focuses on the issue of "catering" content, taking into account the modern rhythms and styles of potential target audience’s life. The article specifically analyzes the realia of the so-called “users” content - the ways and means of its generating and circulating; its social and economic impact; its specificity in terms of creativity; how it affects communications industry. By undertaking this research the author strives to elaborate an aggregate of approaches which will allow today's advertisers to optimize their integration into the modern media-market.

Author Biography

Nina Trubnikova, Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow

Candidate of science (philosophy).

Russia University of People Friendship (RUDN), Moscow. 

Research fields: digitization of advertising markets, efficiency of advertising, advertisers’’ decisions, business communications, development of ads markets, communicative techniques in promotion, efficiency of ads campaigns. Published more than 20 papers ion international journals, partially works as invited expert in Russia Association of Advertisement, creates and tests new methods for Russia advertisement market evaluation.

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Trubnikova, N. (2016). DIGITAL CONTENT: NEW CHALLENGES FOR MODERN MARKETING. The EUrASEANs: Journal on Global Socio-Economic Dynamics, (1(1), 27-36.