• Irina Onyusheva Stamford International University, Bangkok
  • Panirat Kaewpradit Stamford International University, Bangkok
Keywords: fashion, multi-label fashion store, behavior, Vietnam, influence, marketing


The purpose of this paper is to study customer behavior which nearly always can be impacted by the environment around a particular store. There is a tremendous rising demand for fashion items in Vietnam. Recently, some Vietnam designer brands have become available at the market without own flagship store. A multi-label fashion store representing a variety of designer brand items enable the Vietnamese to select the needed appreciating the whole variety of fashionable quality outfits in one place. The multi-label fashion store is often difficult to manage in terms of planning and design, also, it is very different from a flagship store. Becoming aware of the environment surrounding a multi-label fashion store enable marketers to create new opportunities in terms of sales. This study has been carried out in the form of surveys so that to analyze the behavior in Vietnamese consumers purchasing fashion items. This has helped us understand how multilabel fashion retail stores are using the merchandising display and space layout so that to influence Vietnamese customers’ behavior, in both positive and negative ways. Therefore, marketers may consider our results as important information to be used further to improve the store environment in order to meet customer need better and thus – to enhance sales.


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Author Biographies

Irina Onyusheva, Stamford International University, Bangkok

PhD in Economics, Dr.h.c. of IANH, Associate Professor, Corresponding Member of Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan, Academician of International Informatization Academy, member of the Editorial Board of the 'Polish Journal of Management Studies' (Scopus, SJR, WoS).

Research Field And Scientific Interests: formation, ensuring and increasing economic competitiveness on both micro- and macro- levels; human capital development; HR management; knowledge economy; project management.

She is the author of more than 70 research publications, author of an individual scientific monograph named “Human capital in context of national economic competitiveness: formation factors and development prospects» (2015) awarded as "Best educational edition in economic field" in the framework of the XXVI international book fair of educational publications (Sochi, Russia, October 8-11, 2015), and Gold medal “European Quality” (ESIC, Germany, Russia, April 4, 2016).

Panirat Kaewpradit, Stamford International University, Bangkok

Stamford Internatonal University, Bangkok

interests – Marketing, Management, Consumor Behavior


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